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The Flame-Bit Podcast #39

This week we skip a week.

2 years ago - Podcast, Star Wars, Turbulent Lifestyles, Reddit, Jar Jar, Medieval History, Age of Empires


One Week!

2 years ago - News, Website Updates

Hey guys! Wow! It's already been a week. I honestly can't put into words how cool it is to have your own website, especially as a developer. It's like rebuilding a car from the ground up. You can tinker and add and refine to your hearts content. So here's the upgrades I've made to the site since last week and some upcoming features.

- Added the "About Us" page and a description to the "Podcast" Page

- Uploaded the entirety of the Flame-Bit Podcast (v2)

- Removed preloading from podcasts to improve load times

- Added link to RSS feed in Podcast page

- Added social media buttons to menu

- Various bug fixes


- Contact page

- Search by Tag

- Clickable tags